catch the magic...

I don't know if it was because I bumped into my (phenomenal) fourth grade teacher or if it was the sunshine and hint of spring in the air, but today had me thinking about possibility and those who help us to see it. Some folks push us to see the potential within ourselves and others, just by living their truth, give us the courage to follow ours. And occasionally, if you're really lucky, you might just find your life changed by someone who does both.

Take one look at the artistry of Semia Dunne and you know you've hit the jackpot. Semia's passion for her craft and for her community of creators (her "flowering tribe") is tangible in every piece she invents. Being around Semia's energy and talent is like a creative contact high --- you walk away inspired, revitalized and hopped up on possibility.

And now for the truly epic news...You no longer have to awkwardly brush by Semia at the market, hoping some of the magic will rub off.  This April Semia (and her mentor Kate Holt...Semia's Semia if you will) are hosting a three-day workshop in Rhode Island for all creators and makers and aspiring flower-tribe-ers (check out the East Meets West workshop here). We are talking three days of instruction, inspiration and hands-on creation and just when it really couldn't get any better... your work photographed by Tec Petaja. Tec Petaja people. Insert mic drop here.

It's a happy day,