Introducing TRIBE

Some change is deliberate, sudden and dramatic; it is the result of a conscious decision to be better, do better, feel better or at the very least be different. It is the Type A executive turned yogi, the couch potato turned marathoner, the urbanite turned sustainable farmer.

Other change is quieter, more unassuming, and often accidental. It is the byproduct of the natural evolution of all things—shifts driven by the passage of time and the accumulation of experience. It begins as a hazy speck of possibility that matures and mutates, reacts and reinvents until it becomes a crystallized certainty, an all-but-guaranteed catalyst for transformation.  And so it was with TRIBE-- a company that began four years ago, as a group of three, under the banner of Blossom Partners & The Fifth Bridesmaid.

In 2012, with individual professional backgrounds in advertising, education and art, we came together with a shared mission- create beautiful, custom events while providing our clients with a deeply personalized experience. The next three years were trial-by-fire with an exponential learning curve. We earned our stripes in event boot camp--- ran 18-hour events sustained only by peanut M&Ms, practically got trench foot running an outdoor wedding during a hurricane and were more than once near hospitalization for exhaustion. If not for the incredible feedback we received from clients, guests and fellow professionals, we might have thrown in the towel.

Each notch on our project belt came with a few bruises, at least one epic story and a wealth of new knowledge. Every success, every stumble prompted a slight recalibration of our approach and, as a result, altered our destination. Today we are proud to introduce Tribe Design + Events, a full-service design company with a passion for collaborative, innovative and thoughtful event styling and execution.