Northeast Notables

Keeping great company on Carats & Cake! See our placement in the Northeast Notables section.


Tribe is beyond thrilled to be featured in the Entertaining section of Green Wedding Shoes this month with our Supermoon Party. Take a look and get inspired to celebrate this month's supermoon on October 16th. 

Alstonefield & The English Countryside

There is simply something wonderful about the English. Whether it is enjoying proper tea, sipping a perfectly made Pims cup or enjoying freshly made scones with clotted cream, moments in England are simply brilliant. We were lucky enough to participate in one of our favorite photographer's birthday parties hosted at Alstonefield Manor. Peter's 50th was a three-day affair. A welcome party at The George, a six-mile hike ending at The Old Dog for pints and burgers, cocktails and dinner at Alstonefield Manor and finally brunch on the lawn.

We urge each and everyone one of you to make a trip up to Derbyshire for a stay at Alstonefield manor. Jo & Robert Wood have turned their 16th century English manor house into a sophisticated piece of heaven. #tribetrips 

Featured on Carats & Cake

We were so excited to learn that one of our favorite weddings was featured on Carats & Cake this month.  For this wedding we went back to the basics hand-dying napkins for the dinner and an ombre silk drape that adorned the barn.  You can see all the photographs in our portfolio .  The couple, Anna & Felix were down to earth and wonderful and we loved creating this indigo-inspired wedding for them on beautiful Sunset Lake in New Hampshire.

#tribeshops #reallygreatthings

Where do event designers go when they need inspiration, to find the je ne sais quoi to finish off a beautiful table or even to completely outfit a 150 person wedding with EVERY SINGLE piece of china from plates to teacups in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS? (true story! check out Rob + Nicole's wedding in our portfolio)

We go tribal. . . tribal antiquing that is. Three women on the hunt for whatever crosses our path. The fun is of course in the hunt itself. You never know what will cross your path and of course, we never JUST get what we are looking for. It is perhaps one of the favorite parts of my job. I've had a love of antiquing since I was child. Rainy Sundays spent with my parents hitting antique shop after antique shop. Back then I thought the best ones were near ice cream stands. For me, that still holds true.

Two of our favorite haunts are Bowerbird & Friends in Peterborough, NH and Jack + Toba in Concord, MA.  If you are out and about these two spots are not to be missed. They both do an amazing job presenting a wonderful array of carefully curated items old and new. I'm like a kid in an ice cream shop ;-). Everywhere I look I crave what I see. My entire lake cottage is filled with their stuff. Not to mention some of our very favorite editorial photographs from our 2016 Table Design Series. 

Not sure what to put on the table for your next dinner party? Our recommendation: go antiquing. Wishing you happy hunting. 
- Lisanne

PS. If you are looking for the ice cream shops nearby Ava Marie Chocolates in Peterborough and Bedford Farms in Concord are my recommendations. 

First Impressions

What's that line about never getting to make a second first impression? A business card is a first impression and then some. Long after the party has ended and names and conversations forgotten, a killer card will make people want to remember. And not to toot our own horn but when it comes to business cards, TRIBE kind of rocked it (and I'm allowed to say that because we put a lot of labor and love into them). We started with a gorgeous heavy card with copper foil printed by Studio On Fire and then did our thing. This is how you say "Hello. My name is..." in TRIBE. 





Art in all its forms influences many aspects of our work.  As we are always looking out for our next creative catalyst, we spend time in the halls of large museums but also smaller local galleries where we are always inspired by the diversity of art and craft we find.  Recently, we came upon a special place nestled in the historic town of Concord, Massachusetts that we wanted to share.  Lacoste Gallery has a lovely store front right on Main Street easily accessible and wonderfully lovely inside.   Lucy and her team continually show the work of talented artists from all over the world.  For the next few weeks, the owner Lucy Lacoste will be exhibiting the work of Anne Currier; a major figure in contemporary ceramic art and a distinguished professor at Alfred University.  Her work is beautiful and important but as response to art is so personal, I suggest you go experience it for yourself.  Take a detour and spend some time in this gallery.  Support local art and take time to enjoy.  You never know what your next inspiration might be.

catch the magic...

I don't know if it was because I bumped into my (phenomenal) fourth grade teacher or if it was the sunshine and hint of spring in the air, but today had me thinking about possibility and those who help us to see it. Some folks push us to see the potential within ourselves and others, just by living their truth, give us the courage to follow ours. And occasionally, if you're really lucky, you might just find your life changed by someone who does both.

Take one look at the artistry of Semia Dunne and you know you've hit the jackpot. Semia's passion for her craft and for her community of creators (her "flowering tribe") is tangible in every piece she invents. Being around Semia's energy and talent is like a creative contact high --- you walk away inspired, revitalized and hopped up on possibility.

And now for the truly epic news...You no longer have to awkwardly brush by Semia at the market, hoping some of the magic will rub off.  This April Semia (and her mentor Kate Holt...Semia's Semia if you will) are hosting a three-day workshop in Rhode Island for all creators and makers and aspiring flower-tribe-ers (check out the East Meets West workshop here). We are talking three days of instruction, inspiration and hands-on creation and just when it really couldn't get any better... your work photographed by Tec Petaja. Tec Petaja people. Insert mic drop here.

It's a happy day,


Pure Vida: destination simplicity

In the world of event design it is often all about over the top excess. Aspiring brides and grooms build Pinterest boards cluttered with floral installation masterpieces, gourmet foods procured from afar, clear top tents soaring above tables fit for kings and queens. But what is it that really marks a celebration? 

On a very recent trip to a country that defines itself as place with a deep appreciate for nature, family, friends and living a peaceful, simple, uncluttered life; I found myself reflecting on pure vida Costa Rica-style.

As I sat looking out at simple beauty: the beach, a surfer creating a work of art in the sand, the palms blowing in the wind. I was reminded that simple is beautiful and beauty can be simple. We should all be living pure vida style or at least stopping to reflect on it occasionally - meaning that no matter what your situation, life for someone else can always be less fortunate. We should remember that no matter how much or how little we have, we are all here together and life is short. Celebrating with simplicity can be beautiful. It is truly the moment that matters. 


Last night marked the release of the 2016 Bliss Celebrations Guide. The launch event was beautifully presented at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Amy and her team put on a fun and festive event. We met some amazing and talented people and are thrilled to be keeping company with some of New England's finest in the event industry. 

TRIBE is featured a number of times in the Bliss Celebrations Guide (yeah us!). Specifically our Supermoon editorial shoot, an invitation and photo from a NH summer wedding, a custom invitation in the After the Hunt editorial spread and of course our 2016 ad campaign. 


We can't thank our talented partners on these endeavors enough. Kuddos to all of you! Details and links below. 

Design & Styling: TRIBE Design + Events
Photography by: Abby Lorenz
Catering by: Saltbox Kitchen
Florals: Copper Penny Flowers
Stationery Suite: TRIBE Design + Events
Rentals by: Peterson Party Center, Bowerbird & Friends
Wine & Spirits: West Concord Liquors

Sunset Lake Wedding
Event Design & Production: TRIBE Design + Events
Photography by: Kate Preftakes
Catering by: Mayfair Farm
Rentals by: Peterson Party Center
Tent from: Monadnock Tents

After the Hunt
Floral & Event Design: Marc Hall Design
Lounge, Bar & Event Design: Reserve Modern Event Rental
Photography by: Corinna Raznikov
Catering: The Catered Affair
Linens: Table Toppers
Rentals: Peterson Party Center
Hair: Emily Reale for Beaucage Salon & Spa
Stationery Suite: TRIBE Design + Events
Gowns: Candice Wu Couture
Men's Attire: Neiman Marcus, Natick
Lighting: Frost Productions


TRIBE Design + Events is thrilled to announce our collaboration with and feature in Bliss Celebrations. The 2016 Bliss Celebrations Guide is set to hit shelves next month. Tribe Design + Events is highlighted in their editorial pages. We'll be blogging and sharing our three editorial pieces in their great publication soon!


When it comes to wedding venues, Boston couples have no shortage of options. Whether on the hunt for charming and rustic, sophisticated and urban or over-the-top everything, there's a place for that.  Our newest site obsession is a Boston institution that only recently has become more involved in the wedding game.

The Museum of Fine Arts defies categorization. It is at once timeless and contemporary, impressively grand yet somehow unpretentious. With ceremony site options that range from elegant to edgy and a reception hall the epitome of a blank canvas, a wedding at the MFA is endlessly open for interpretation.

While not for the slight-of-budget, this gem isn't necessarily as extravagant as one might think --- using the existing  furniture, flatware and tableware cuts rental dollars significantly and the stunning art and architecture provide not only built-in decor but also built-in entertainment. During the event guests have the incredible opportunity to wander through the stunning exhibits and for some of them, even do so with a drink in hand . 


Harmony: Saltbox Kitchen + Tribe

The one thing we love as much as good design is good food.  We have been lucky enough to partner with Chef Ben Elliott and the team at Saltbox Kitchen on many beautiful weddings and events over the years.  Any time Saltbox is involved, we know the food will be locally-sourced, beautifully prepared and artfully presented.  For every event, Tribe creates a unique table design that reflects the aesthetic and personality of the client, in this case the couple.  One of our favorite examples of when table design, menu choices and food presentation achieved perfect harmony was Henny & Chessin's wedding in Westport, MA.  Tribe created a relaxed, seaside experience both in the two cocktail hours and under the sailcloth tent during the reception.  Playing with shades of gray and neutrals, stripes and solids and varying textures we created a rich but neutral foundation for the bright, seasonal cuisine from Saltbox.  The food was served family style on whitewashed lazy susans and long boards atop our custom linen runners -- all hand crafted in the Tribe Studio. To see the full gallery for the seaside wedding click here . Photography by Abby Lorenz.  Catered by Saltbox Kitchen. Flowers by Mimosa Fresh Flower Design.


Introducing TRIBE

Some change is deliberate, sudden and dramatic; it is the result of a conscious decision to be better, do better, feel better or at the very least be different. It is the Type A executive turned yogi, the couch potato turned marathoner, the urbanite turned sustainable farmer.

Other change is quieter, more unassuming, and often accidental. It is the byproduct of the natural evolution of all things—shifts driven by the passage of time and the accumulation of experience. It begins as a hazy speck of possibility that matures and mutates, reacts and reinvents until it becomes a crystallized certainty, an all-but-guaranteed catalyst for transformation.  And so it was with TRIBE-- a company that began four years ago, as a group of three, under the banner of Blossom Partners & The Fifth Bridesmaid.

In 2012, with individual professional backgrounds in advertising, education and art, we came together with a shared mission- create beautiful, custom events while providing our clients with a deeply personalized experience. The next three years were trial-by-fire with an exponential learning curve. We earned our stripes in event boot camp--- ran 18-hour events sustained only by peanut M&Ms, practically got trench foot running an outdoor wedding during a hurricane and were more than once near hospitalization for exhaustion. If not for the incredible feedback we received from clients, guests and fellow professionals, we might have thrown in the towel.

Each notch on our project belt came with a few bruises, at least one epic story and a wealth of new knowledge. Every success, every stumble prompted a slight recalibration of our approach and, as a result, altered our destination. Today we are proud to introduce Tribe Design + Events, a full-service design company with a passion for collaborative, innovative and thoughtful event styling and execution.